Student Celebrations for Building a Positive Classroom Community


Student celebrations help build connections between students in the classroom.  These connections make for a more positive learning environment for all students.


Create a positive classroom community where the entire class celebrates the individual child. It’s easy to do with this ready-to-go collection of student celebrations.
Every child deserves an encouraging and supportive environment in which to learn. Part of an encouraging classroom is allowing students to celebrate their classmates. Look for opportunities throughout the year to showcase the achievements of every child.
Included in this collection:
1. Student of the Week
Directions and Suggestions for Use
Wall Display Header
Student Information Display form
Parent Letter
‘My Favorites’ page
2. Class Compliment Jar
Suggestions for Use
Cover Sheet for booklets
Back Cover for booklets
blanks, if needed
3. Birthdays
Directions and Suggestions for Use
Wall Display Header
12 Months Wall Display Labels
Birthday ‘card’
4. Additionals
Blank Calendar
Blank Morning Meeting
Blank Teacher Notes for encouraging messages to students
Class List
The collection uses the same recurring plant theme for a more cohesive and visually appealing look for the classroom.
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