Services for Authors

At Help Writers Grow, we are not just here for educators - we're here for authors, too! We believe in the power of storytelling to inspire and educate young minds. Whether you're a children's or young adult author, we offer a wide range of services to support you on your writing journey and help bring your stories to life in the classroom.

Services I currently Offer

Beta Reader

Have you written a manuscript and need a beta reader to offer suggestions for improvement before submitting to a publisher?

I will read your finished manuscript and give you a one-page listing of suggestions and feedback.

Or I will read your finished manuscript and make comments and feedback throughout the entire manuscript.

Prices dependent upon length of book. Average price is $0.01 a word.

Classroom Curriculum

Have you published a book and want to offer a curriculum to entice teachers to use in their classroom?

Collaborate with us to create curriculum materials that complement your book and provide educators with valuable resources to enhance classroom learning.

Prices determined upon requests and length of book.  

Choices that can be included in your curriculum:

Book discussion questions that can be used for novel studies, independent study, literature circles, or as engagement questions for classroom read alouds.

List of culminating activities that can be completed in a classroom, that accompany the ideas in the book.

A book project suggestion, with photo of completed project for examples.

Vocabulary lists or quiz

Comprehension Quiz

Reading Journal entries

Educational Consultant

Ready to bring your expertise to schools, book shops, and other venues for author visits?

Craft engaging presentations or author talks tailored to elementary students, inspiring them with your stories and sharing your passion for writing.

I offer one-on-one consultations to develop a presentation for authors to use in conjunction with book read alouds, during an author visit.

Price is $35 an hour.


  • “An invaluable resource in developing my school materials. I shudder to think of having done school visits without having Kinla coach me through my presentation development. Could not have done this without her.”

    Author of middle grade novels The Whispering Fog and Wand (forthcoming from HarperCollins Clarion Books in Fall 2023).

    Landra Jennings