Encouraging Classroom – Alphabet (plants theme)


Create a stronger classroom community with a positive and encouraging alphabet display in the classroom.


Looking for ways to create a more positive and encouraging classroom?

Students spend most of their school days sitting in the same classroom.  Shouldn’t the room be as welcoming and

encouraging as possible?   With wall space at a premium, it helps when displays can be used for multiple purposes.

The alphabet can help with letters, used as the headers of a word wall, and send an encouraging message to the

Students at the same time.


The alphabet has the following words:

You are the most:

amazing, beautiful, creative, delightful, exceptional, fabulous, glorious, honorable, incredible, joyful, kind-hearted, loving, magical, unbelievable, outstanding, phenomenal, quirky, remarkable, sensational, terrific, unique, valuable, wonderful, extraordinary, merry, zany

You, ever!

This alphabet is offered in both cursive and print.


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