Nature journaling ideas is a 17-page resource to help teachers get their elementary students outside and nature journaling all year.


Do you want to take your students nature journaling?
Are you wondering, ‘What is nature journaling?’
Do you need nature journaling ideas?
Then this resource is for you!
Seventeen pages are full of fantastic ideas to get your students up and journaling outside.
These year-long, ready-to-go (low to no prep) lessons help you get your kids outside every week. Included are a journal cover and a journal page for you to copy and create nature journals for each student. These shared real-life experiences between your students help to continue to build connections and help create a stronger learning community in your classroom.
Also included are coloring sheets for those rainy days that students can’t go outside. These are for students to practice blending with colored pencils to create scientifically accurate representations of the animals. Each animal is labeled so that you can pull up photos of the specific animal to aide with the coloring. Students need to realize that nature is not just one shade of each color in the box. Additionally, there are phenology wheels, a changes sheet, and a complete onomatopoeia walk and lesson plans.
Nature journaling can also help you cover the standards for non-fiction writing, life cycles, biotic and abiotic factors, living and non-living organisms, classifying, seasons, pollution, and many more while giving your students a first-hand, real-world connection to your science lessons. Nature journaling could also start a lifelong appreciation of nature and its environment.
Included in this resource:
Suggestions for Use
Cover Sheet for Student Nature Journal
Blank Journal Page
Introduction to Nature Journaling Lessons
List of Topics for Nature Journaling
Onomatopoeia Lesson Ideas for an Onomatopoeia Walk and Class Project
Blank Phenology Wheel for the Seasons
Phenology Wheel for Oak Tree
Scientific Coloring Sheets:
Changes Record Sheet and Lesson Ideas
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