Create a Classroom that Thrives

Take the frustration out of your writing instruction.

Ways to Help Your Students Grow

Every child deserves to learn and grow in a supportive classroom.

Every teacher deserves the support, materials, and resources to provide a positive learning environment.

Writing is often an area where students struggle.  It is in all of the content areas, thus children can struggle across the curriculum. Quality writing instruction takes a long time to prep, plan, and score. We are passionate about helping teachers create thriving classrooms without sacrificing their personal time.

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  • “An invaluable resource in developing my school materials. I shudder to think of having done school visits without having Kinla coach me through my presentation development. Could not have done this without her.”

    Author of middle grade novels The Whispering Fog and Wand (forthcoming from HarperCollins Clarion Books in Fall 2023).

    Landra Jennings

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