Positive Classroom Decor for an Encouraging Classroom


Positive classroom decor that helps create an encouraging classroom through positive messages and self-love creates a stronger classroom community.


Create a more positive classroom culture by filling your classroom with ready-to-go decor that promotes encouraging thoughts and self-love.  This resource has covered everything from a mental health check-in and an “I Need a Minute” bucket to inspiring posters and quick teacher notes.

Students spend the majority of their school day in the same classroom.  Every student deserves a safe and encouraging environment in which to learn.  Use all parts of the classroom to help support positive student interactions and build a strong classroom community.

Items Included:

Mental Health Check-In:  Suggestions for Use, Posters (rating scale 1-5)

Encouraging Posters:  Suggestions for Use, 5 Classroom Posters

Encouraging Sayings:  Suggestions for Use, 12 small Posters (designed to be hung around a classroom doorway)

I Need a Minute (calm-down-corner alternative):  Suggestions for Use, Bucket label, 2 Center Posters, 12 Focus Cards.

Additional Forms:  Suggestions for Use, Succulent Pots for student names (colored and black/white options), Morning Calendar form, Classroom Jobs form, Encouraging Teacher Notes, Class List Forms, and Nameplates (colored and black/white options).


Created with a plant theme for a more cohesive and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Other classroom resources created with plant theme:

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