End-Of-Year Writing Prompt – My Teacher is a Superhero


Fun and engaging end-of-year writing activity for students to stay focused and entertained while turning their classroom teacher into a superhero that fights crime

and kicks some major alien butt all before 7 am.


Looking for a fun end-of-the-year writing activity?

This creative writing project is the perfect assignment for the last few weeks of school. Students can showcase what they have learned about writing AND all the details they have noticed about their teacher over the past year and wrap it up together in My Teacher is a Superhero. Students will enjoy seeing who can remember the most details about their teacher and devise the most outlandish plots for their teacher to save the world. (Some teachers have faced zombie monkeys, invading space spiders, and even monster aliens – all before 7:30 in the morning!)
This easy-to-use resource has everything you will need to help the students be successful in this writing project, from a superhero word bank and writer’s checklist to publishing pages and student self-reflection.


Suggestions for Use
Writer’s Process Checklist
Planning Pages
Teacher Interview Sheet
Story Starters Idea Page
Superhero Word Bank
Publishing Pages:
Cover Page
About the Author Page
Dedication Page
Comment’s Page
Lined Page for story and picture
Student Self Reflection
Scoring Rubric
Certificate of Super Story Writing
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Thank you, teachers.  Thank you for sharing your light with your students and allowing them to grow.  Keep sharing your magic with the world, the world needs you.




Are you looking for a journal to use next year as you continue to help your students become the best version of themselves?  Check out this Morning Positivity Journal.  Full of weekly inspiring quotes, goal setting and self-reflection.  It is a perfect addition to your morning classroom routines.

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Want ideas for growing a classroom community or adding in more student celebrations to foster a more encouraging learning environment?

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I want you to continue to love teaching.  Here you can find lots of writing resources for your elementary students that you will both love so your students are engaged and writing lessons are positive experiences.

Sending love, hugs, and sunshine.

Cheers to you!


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