Writing About Animals – Turtles and Tortoises


Writing about animals, turtles and tortoises is easy with this simple animal report template.  Then take the learning further by comparing and contrasting these two animals.


Are students interested in writing about animals?
Are you interested in your students completing animal research projects?
Do you need a simple-to-use animal report template?
I have discovered that kids love turtles and tortoises, and the fascination continues.
I created these resources to help guide students through their animal research projects without being overwhelmed or unsure of what information to find. Even older students can be frustrated, especially my struggling or English-language learners. This very low-prep (copy and go) report template is easy to use and keeps the students engaged with the mix of facts, diagramming, coloring, and drawing.
I added many details to help my older students review their previous learning, like classification, life cycles, and food chains. Students will draw, color, and label a proper habitat, list the animal’s diet, list predators, and include the details of its life cycle. They must also show their learning by explaining if the animal is affected by human interaction in the environment.
Students also extend their learning by taking the information and completing a t-chart and a Venn diagram. Themed paper is also provided for students to write a comparison paragraph.
These two animals were chosen because they are so similar, and now students can answer the question, “What is the difference between a turtle and a tortoise?”
Included in this resource:
Tortoise Report Template
Turtle Report Template
Vocabulary Page
T-Chart- Comparison Activity
Venn Diagram
Writing Page for Informative Writing
Are you eager to extend their learning and allow your students to continue building on their knowledge?
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