Nature Journaling for Primary Grades


Encourage young students to write by taking them outside and allowing them to nature journal.  This resource has everything you need to take your students outside to nature journal.


I love nature journaling!
Are you looking for ways to keep students engaged and writing? Take them outside.
Nature Journaling provides the perfect opportunity for teachers to change the instructional day and allow students to write in an entirely new environment. Introductory lesson plans are included so teachers don’t have to stress over how to get kids to journal outside. Just copy the pages and staple them together. Assembly is quick and easy.
Additional perks of regularly scheduling nature journaling:
* Continued engagement in writing
* Opportunities to extend and enrich the curriculum
* Helps to cover multiple Science strands
* Develops an awareness of nature and the environment that may carry over into caring for the environment
* Fun for both teacher and students
* Additional way for parents to be involved (Parents love to come nature journaling.)
* Shared experiences build stronger classroom communities
Included in this resource:
Nature Journal Cover
Journaling Page (s)
Suggestions for Use
Introductory Lesson Plans
List of ideas for Nature Journaling
Additional Pages for Rainy Days:
Coloring Sheets of birds, beetles, and butterflies
Phenology Wheel Worksheets
Changes Page
Questions about Nature Journaling? Read my blog: Journaling Nature – Quick and Easy Steps to Getting Kids Outside
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