Regions in Georgia


Teach the eco-regions of Georgia while providing opportunities for students to draw and write in several formats to demonstrate their learning in this engaging Eco-regions packet.


Do you need to cover the regions of Georgia?
This writing resource provides teachers with ready-to-go, low-prep lessons on the regions of Georgia. Lesson plan suggestions are included. Teachers can easily fit in these eco-region standard lessons in 15 minutes daily. I have included a cover sheet and eight different pages for the different regions: Blue Ridge, Appalachian Plateau, Ridge and Valley, Piedmont, Coastal Plain, Coast and Barrier Islands, Swamp, and Fall Line. Just pull out the ones you don’t want to use.
Also included is a color-in-map of the entire state. Plus, I included a vocabulary page and four different exit tickets to extend the learning and clarify understanding.
Additionally, a simple quiz allows the students to demonstrate an understanding of the varying plant and animal life of the different eco-regions.
Resource includes:
Lesson plan suggestions
Introductory Lesson Form
Vocabulary Page
Eco-Regions Packet
Cover Sheet
Eight Different Regions (blue ridge, Appalachian plateau, ridge and valley,
Piedmont, coastal plain, coast/barrier islands, swamp, and fall line)
Fill in Map
Eco-Regions Quiz with answer sheet
Scoring Rubric
Four Different Exit Slips

Let students learn about Georgia’s land, plants, and animals by implementing Nature Journaling in the classroom.

Further their understanding by utilizing Springtime Poetry lessons.


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