Student Data Tracking – Writing Fluency


Writing fluency program for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders to set their own writing goals, track their word count, and monitor their year-long progress.


Do you want to use data tracking for students for their writing fluency?
Do you need another data point for student services?
Would you like students to monitor and graph their progress and use this data for student-led conferences?
Then, I got you!
This year-long writing fluency program gives students a weekly, three-minute writing prompt to write, count, and then record their word count on a graph. Students set their own fluency goals, take the time every quarter to reflect on their progress, and monitor their goals. Since the students are making their goals and monitoring their growth, they know exactly where and how they progress. This collection is to help teachers meet the students where they are and help the students monitor their individual growth compared to their own achievements.
This writing fluency and data tracking requires very little prep work and can be completed in about ten minutes a week by the students.
There is a cover sheet for individual student folders. Inside the folders, students keep their weekly prompts, a graph sheet, quarterly goal sheets, and self-reflection pages that they will use three times a year. These folders can be shared at student-parent conferences or student data meetings.
Quick Guide
Directions for Use
Cover Sheet for folder
36 3-minute prompts
Graph Sheet for word count
Goal Setting Sheet – a place to track goals every nine weeks – SMART goal
Reflection Sheet – use three times in a year (beginning, mid-year, end of year)




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