Spelling Contract



The weekly word work review is a constant in the elementary classroom.


A spelling contract is a great way to help manage the amount of papers and work that goes along with the weekly word review.  This contract can be posted to your own teacher website, along with the examples, so that parents can access it as needed.  The consistency of the same contract helps the parents and students know what is expected.

This contract can be used with any spelling word list and any modified word list so that every student can have the same assignment, but have it modified to fit their needs.

The variety of activities allows students to choose which one they want to do and also allows for students to work over and above, if so desired.

Spelling contracts can be assigned as homework, used in centers while teachers are busy with small group instruction, and used as fillers for those odd moments of time that need to be filled but are not long enough to start new instruction.





Contract with blank goal

Two Pages of Activity Examples

How Do You Spell… Game Instructions

How Do you Spell… Gameboard

How Do You Spell… blank word cards

Blank Word Search worksheet


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